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    • Can or will your adorable bird bite you? It sure can. Why would they though you might ask yourself. Well your bird might be the territorial type and may bite you or anyone that they feel is in their territory. The way to stop that is by training your bird. Another more common reason why your bird might bite you is that they’re feeling stressed out. Birds do get stressed out. A tell tell sign besides biting you is if you see them plucking out their feathers.   If you just brought a new bird home for the first time it will most likely be afraid of you and may bite you out of fear. Especially if it hasn’t had interaction with humans. If that’s the case try and let your new bird get adjusted to you and it’s new surroundings. Don’t start trying to handle it right away. Remember to take it easy with your new bird. Put it in a calm environment at first and slowly start to handle it.   
    • Lemon grass is the definitely the way to go for cats. If you let them outside you really have no control of them and they’ll probably eat grass. 
    • Both make great pets. I always liked the African Dwarf Frog. 
    • Opossums don't "play dead." When frightened, they become overexcited and pass out.
    • That’s sounds real cool but like the other posters stated. Having to track down where your hamster went to the bathroom will be challenging assuming that it would go to the bathroom in the tunnel. 
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