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Just trying out the status I suppose?

It's my birthday pretty soon, and I'm really excited because I asked my parents for lots of hamster items (Multi-chamber, cork log, etc.) I'm also excited because I asked my friends for instead of gifting me, they could buy something/donate for the local shelter, human society, rescues, etc. :D A few of them have already done so, so that makes me immensely happy!
Hi Im McKenna! I love Hamsters and dogs! the photo is of my dog Kia that passed away in a car accident. I now have a dog named Brody and a Hamster named cookie! :D Im 15 years old my birthday is november 14 and Cookies birthday is October 1st I resently got her :) Stay save!!!!!
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Hi McKenna - welcome to the forum! So sorry to hear about your dog. Kia looks like a lovely pet. Do you have a picture of Brody? Please feel free to share in the forum if you do.

Oh and a belated happy birthday! :)