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Are Pitbulls Naturally Aggressive?


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Are Pitbulls naturally aggressive dogs? The answer is an obvious one. No. Pitbulls are not naturally aggressive. Have you ever heard of the phrase you’re  a product of your environment? That’s the same with Pitbulls and all dogs in general. It’s how the dog is raised. Sure there will always be a case where even properly socialized pitbull might attack their owner but it’s rare and that’s any dog. Anyways here’s a great article from Pethelpful in regards to Pitbulls.

Are Pitbulls naturally mean? 

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18 hours ago, Pickle Porcupine said:

NO!!! MY BABY IS THE SWEEETEST THING!! Although he isnt a pure pitbull, brownie is the super sweet. He is a mix of beagle and pit, and we all loooov him. he is pretty big, though.

Pitbulls are one of those that have a stereotype attached to them. Pitbulls are adorable and they could be real sweet too. How big is your pit?

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