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Actual pet sharks you can legally buy


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Tbh I think it would be cruel to have a pet shark. They aren't like other pets and domesticated, so why have one? Just for yourself? The shark should be free in it's home. Not taken away and I doubt there are any, at least very few breeders.


Sorry if this comes across as harsh or anything, but really I don't see a point.


(Though I do see a point if this is a shark that needs a home, one that can't be released into the wild for whatever reason. But it would take a lot of money, maybe a permit, space, etc.)

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I think she means more smaller than actual sharks. But I think she wants to have a smaller pet shark, but one that still looks like a shark. I think that's what I was getting from it. Anyway, I honestly don't know. I know in some places you can get pet sharks, but they're usually freshwater fish to my understanding.
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