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What are the best tropical fish for a starter tank?


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Angelfish are considered a harder fish to care for and are for more experience tank keepers. You go by their hardiness and the overall requirements they need in the tank to judge what would be good for a starter tank. Guppies are great options because you can get tons of different kinds and they will get along just fine with each other. They will breed like bunnies though so you need something to keep that under control in the tank such as snails or shrimps that will eat the babies.
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I want to start a tropical fish tank setup, and was wondering what fish I should mix together? Any suggestions? I was interested in Betta's of course, but also was looking into adding Barbs, Angelfish, some Guppies, and possibly more. List off your suggestions below.

I think bettas and guppies are good choices. Angelfish aren’t a good choice

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