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Lost hamster


New member
Jan 7, 2021
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Hi, Our cat knocked over our hamsters cage in the middle of the night and she escaped. We have 2 cats and 2 dachshunds. I’m freaking out that she was eaten. 😢
It’s been about 4 days and no hamster in sight. We didn’t find any blood or signs of her being killed so we are hopeful that she may be alive.
Any advice??


Nov 16, 2020
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Unfortunately after 4 days it's a bit unlikely she's okay unless she has access to water and food :/ Especially if there are cats and dogs around too

For now you can still hope and try your best to find her. I would leave water in a small container for her just in case. There are a couple things you could do including:
Set safe traps - For this you can get a bin or bucket and place hamster bedding or a blanket on the bottom. Then have 'stairs' leading up into it so that the hamster can get in, but can't get out. You can also set safe humane catch+release mouse traps, but you need to check every so often for all of the above things to see if she is there
Access to cage - You can give her access to her cage by setting it on the floor so there's a way she can get in. She might recognise it at home and go back in.
Leave food - You could leave a specific amount of food (eg 5 seeds) in a certain area and see if they get eaten, if so you can assume she is in that area if some or all of the seeds are gone.

I'm not sure how well the above ideas will work with cats and dogs, but good luck <3