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Hamster accessories

Nov 9, 2020
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When buying a hamster there are many products out there for hamsters. Just because is says for hamsters doesn't mean they are safe for them.

Hamster like to run around at night and the cages sold at pet stores don't offer enough floor space for them to run even when cages are attached or have extra levels. The recommended minimum size for all hamster breeds is a 40g long tank or DIY bin cage. A too small of cage can lead to boredom and bar chewing. Remember bigger is always better.

The tunnels made for hamster cages such as the crittertrail tunnels are too small for the larger Syrian hamster (teddy bear, black bear, panda bear, golden) as they can get stuck inside. Instead I recommend large pvc pipes as they are bigger and your hamster won't get stuck in them.

Hamsters love to run on their wheels at night so having one is a must.
Wire/mesh wheels aren't safe as they can get their foot stuck or get bumble foot. Also if the wheel isn't big enough hamsters can get spine deformities and injuries. The recommended minimum wheel size is 10 inch for Syrians, 8 inch for dwarfs and 6 inch for robo dwarfs.

Pine and cedar bedding can cause respiratory illness and allergies. It is recommended to use aspen shavings or carefresh bedding.
The cotton nesting material isn't safe as it can get tangled around their legs or neck and cause impaction if ingested. Toilet paper makes a great nesting material and its also cheap.

Mineral and salt licks:
These aren't safe and can cause dehydration. Try wood blocks and pumice stone for chewing.

Hamster balls are very stressful to hamsters. They might seem like they are having fun running around but they aren't They are more than likely stressed out running trying to get out. They can also get too hot for hamsters.

Note: This is just a short list of safe and not safe things for your hamsters. Please always do research before getting a pet.201119_152431_COLLAGE-1.jpg201119_152513_COLLAGE-1-1.jpg


Nov 16, 2020
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This is really great! I just wanted to add a few things:

For this: "The recommended minimum wheel size is 10 inch for Syrians, 8 inch for dwarfs and 6 inch for robo dwarfs." I honestly wouldn't even recommend a 6" for a robo. I have mine in a 6.5", and any smaller would have her back and/or head bend. We have to look at the way the face is angled as well as the back. And while it could work for smaller robos, I don't feel it's suitable for most adults. Also, I wanted to just add on by saying that while some believe a flying saucer is better than upright, in the long cause it isn't due to their backs still bedding, and they are running at an upwards angle, not to mention it takes up way more space than an upright wheel :)

And for this: "Pine and cedar bedding can cause respiratory illness and allergies."
This is mostly true in North America, but some other places are able to use softwood shavings (I don't remember the exact one) due to the different environments and such. I'll edit this later to add my proof/research for this, but yeah just thought I would mention. In general, though most softwood shavings in North America (USA, Canada, etc.) are unsuitable for all hamsters.

Another thing: "The recommended minimum size for all hamster breeds is a 40g long tank or DIY bin cage."
It all depends on the bin, there are multiple bins under the recommended 'minimum'. I think it would be helpful to also say where this 'minimum' is recommended as different countries have different recommended sizes, but in general yes that is the minimum for USA, Canada, etc. And you said 'breeds' not species haha, simple mistake, but still an important one to know :)

Anyway, great article(?)! It's very informative for new hamster owners! I hope I didn't come off as rude by correcting/giving my opinion on a few minor details, if I did sorry that wasn't my intent!
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Nov 9, 2020
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No. I was just making a short list of things. People are more than welcome to add anything I may have missed. I'm just tired of seeing these products being sold when they aren't safe.


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Oct 7, 2020
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This is an amazing post! thank you so much for sharing :)

i think its ridiculous that so many pet products that could be dangerous are still sold :mad: