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  1. MichaelNY

    What is the white on my fan tail mouth top fin and side fin

    Is that a white spot on its tail too or is that just the light? I think it looks like a case of ick: I know you say your other fish don't have it, but it is infectious so they may do soon if I'm right. The...
  2. MichaelNY


    Hi DinoNuggetz - just wanted to say welcome to the forum! :)
  3. MichaelNY

    Will you let your dog die a natural death?

    This. The decision should be based on suffering. If they have no chance of surviving and they're in pain then it's better to put them down than let them suffer.
  4. MichaelNY

    Oranda Goldfish very sick

    I'd have thought the treatment should work for any type of goldfish. Sounds like it could be dropsy? Do you have a picture of your fish? Dropsy is VERY difficult to treat successfully, sadly. :(
  5. MichaelNY

    Newbie here

    Is he eating ok? What are you feeding him? Does he otherwise seem ok (moving around, poop ok, etc?)
  6. MichaelNY

    Keeping rabbits safe from predators

    Hi all I'd love to keep a pet rabbit or two one day, but I live in the countryside and I've always been too worried about foxes or other predators getting too them. Is it safe? Or can you keep them in the house instead?
  7. MichaelNY

    Are there any amphibians that don't require live insects?

    I found this article that talks about types of lizards that don't need live food... Hope it helps!
  8. MichaelNY

    Your favorite breed?

    +1 for cockapoo! They're so expensive though, it's crazy!! ?
  9. MichaelNY

    Do you prefer water bottles or bowls for water?

    Yeah, everything i've read suggests that bottles are better than bowls. They hold more water and get less messy!
  10. MichaelNY

    Post your goldfish pictures here

    Hi all - do you have pictures of your goldfish? You can post pictures to the forum, I think, so I was thinking we could add them here...
  11. MichaelNY

    Share your hamster pictures?

    Hi all - I think this board allows people to post photos? If it does, I was thinking it'd be fun to post pictures of our hamsters here?
  12. MichaelNY

    Everyone , hey!

    Welcome to the forum! I'm new as well
  13. MichaelNY

    Hello Everyone!~

    Hi Tenerife, I just joined too! Youve got lots of pets :)
  14. MichaelNY

    Is it better to have a pet room?

    Yeah, it really depends on the pet. If it's a dog then obviously you dont want to keep it in one room the whole time! If you have birds, hamsters, fish, then maybe...