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    Tips to Re-Socializing Your Dog After the Pandemic

    The pandemic had led to many of us being confined in our homes for prolonged periods depending upon the lockdown restrictions in different areas in the country. Nonetheless, it was overall a very unforeseen situation for all. None of us have had to deal with such a situation before. Many people...
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    4 Effective Ways to Handle Leash Biting

    When your canine companion starts chewing through leash after leash, the frustration and costs add up, and, before you know, the situation gets out of your hand. The leash biting can potentially transform into chewing on your furniture and more. Not to forget, dog bites, generally, are...
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    Differently-Abled Puppers: How to Train Your Deaf Dog

    Did you know that some dog breeds are more prone to deafness than others? Australian Cattle Dogs, Dalmatians, and English Setters have high chances of being deaf due to a congenital disability. However, many dogs begin losing their hearing when they reach old age. Although deaf dogs can't hear...
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    How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog

    Dogs love playing with toys, making their owners even more excited to go pet toy shopping whenever they get the chance. However, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a suitable toy for your dog. Here are three things you should consider when buying a dog toy. The Dog’s Age Dog...