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  1. CatPerson

    How active are goldfish?

    I feel like anytime I see them in the pet store they are moving around a lot but when I see people who own them, they seem to not be as lively and active. Maybe this has to do with noise and lighting? I am not sure. How active do goldfish tend to be?
  2. CatPerson

    Rabbits , rodents?

    I used to think they were rodents because most people just considered them to be. They are actually closer related to wallabies than rodents but have their own classification.
  3. CatPerson

    Do rabbits get along with dogs?

    Most dog breeds get along with them just fine but there are some dog breeds that will go after them purely out of instinct. I have seen rabbits kept in homes with larger dogs breeds, cats, and some larger reptiles so it really depends on care, space and how you handle the interactions.
  4. CatPerson

    Do rabbits sometimes get big?

    Some types can get really large while others stay quite small. If you want something that is on the smaller side, look at pigmy and dwarf variations. These tend to stay quite small, usually under 5 pounds.
  5. CatPerson

    Keeping rabbits safe from predators

    Most people who have pet rabbits keep them indoors. If you do decide to let them outdoors. it is a good idea to have a rabbit hutch along with a small fenced-in area with a few hiding spaces.
  6. CatPerson

    Do you have pet insurance?

    I have never considered getting it until this year. I had to take one of my cats in 3 times to get different testing done. It ended up costing me over $500 and while I was able to pay it just fine, I had to let a few things go (not paying 2 monthly bills). I am thinking of getting pet insurance...
  7. CatPerson

    hi can u guys tell me how to take care of leopard gecko pls

    A care sheet might help you out. This is one of the best ones I have found online: Ideally, you want to follow their recommended cage and diet recommendations for optimal health and happiness.
  8. CatPerson

    Collars or Microchips?

    Which do you think is better and why? This applies mostly to cats and dogs but they have also been used on larger reptiles, pet pigs, farm animals, rabbits, and larger birds (anklet).
  9. CatPerson

    What is the best pet for beginners?

    If I am being completely honest here, I think carrying for a plant for one year is a good idea before adopting any pet. If you can remember to water a plant and keep it alive for one year, then move on from there. Hermit crabs are good first pets that require low maintenance and care but are...
  10. CatPerson

    How many cats is too many?

    I think a fair number for any living space is one cat per 250 square feet of livable space. So if your home is 1,500 square feet, you subtract closet space, bathrooms, and unfinished areas like basements and addicts.
  11. CatPerson

    Scratch posts

    Yeah, it is fairly easy to train them to use one. You need to find out which material they prefer though. Some like rope, some like carpet, and others like cardboard. Have you tried providing all three options?
  12. CatPerson

    hello, can you guys help me out pls

    Cats will wake up their owners as a means of learned behavior. If you make a habit of getting out of bed to give them food or attention, they will continue to do it. You need to set boundaries. I recently had to do this with a kitten. It is a lot easier when they are younger. Catnip will not...
  13. CatPerson

    Outdoor enclosure ideas?

    Not all cats will take to walking on a harness but I feel they all need to be able to experience fresh air and life outdoors. I am 100% against letting cats free roam. I would never ever do this with my cats. For the ones who don't want to be leash trained, I am looking at investing in an...
  14. CatPerson

    Best Flea Medicine

    Never use flea collars on cats. Even on dogs for that matter. I have known a number of them to actually cause health issues that result in death. Flea medicine in most cases is not needed for cats. Especially if you care for them properly and don't allow them to go outdoors. I only ever had one...
  15. CatPerson

    Have you ever taken in a stray cat?

    I have. I find that most strays tend to be more affectionate and loving because they are starved not only for food but affection. The first cat I ever owned was a stray. He was around 6 months old. Just a lovely little boy. I couldn't not take him in.
  16. CatPerson

    Missing kitten experiences

    I don't want to be mean here but if you are letting your cats go outdoors freely, then yea, them missing is common. You should not be letting them out like that. There are so many dangers that can hurt them and even kill them. Other cats, poison, cars, dogs, wild animals, the list goes on and on.
  17. CatPerson

    Do cats meow only for humans?

    If you adopt a cat as a young kitten and they get rewarded for being vocal, they are more likely to do it. I have seen cats who don't meow at all but they were strays and adopted later in life.
  18. CatPerson

    Do you think some cats prefer dogs as company?

    I have a friend who owns 2 cats. One cat is very nice and friendly to the other but the other cat does not seem to like him at all. Both are males. The one that doesn't like the other cat will spend time with my friend's dog though. Even groom him. It is weird to see. Do you think some cats...
  19. CatPerson

    Tips on giving cats a bath

    Not all cats can be bathed. It is possible to train them to be okay with it but some never will be. There are wipes and dry shampoos you can use in place of this. I use coconut wipes on one of mine and they do a good job at keeping the fur clean, minimizing dandruff, and keeping him smelling nice.
  20. CatPerson

    Is a cat's love genuine?

    Cats can love and care for other cats and humans just as dogs do. I think because they don't do it in the same sense as dogs, people assume cats are not loving and affectionate. My one cat needs to sleep with me every night, he shares a pillow with me. He will get upset otherwise. He just loved...