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  1. Flashthepig

    Toad supplies and tank size references

    Hi I have 4 toads and I was wondering what is good for them as like dirt and wood and plants and sizes of tanks, thx!
  2. Flashthepig

    How many dogs do you have?

    How many dogs do you have? Enter a number down below and tell me about each of them! Like this!! 5: Leo: Leo is a really dumb and weird Shih zu but he is super sweet! phoebe : phoebe is a princess and just loves people! Stella: Stella is a 1 year old mutt and is craziest thing I’ve ever met...
  3. Flashthepig

    What type of animal is your favorite?

    Hello there! What is your favorite type of animal or what animals do you have?
  4. Flashthepig

    Baby snails!!

    Hi! My snails just had babies and there is 4 that I can see so far. Any tips I should know about keeping the babies alive?
  5. Flashthepig

    Hamster toys

    Hi I just got a dwarf hamster and I was wondering what are some good toys for her? Any suggestions?
  6. Flashthepig


    My brother wants to know all about chiclids the type of fish. Like there behavior and everything. He might get some and he wants to know facts. If you could tell me so I can tell him that would be great! Thx!
  7. Flashthepig

    Cats or dogs

    Which do you like better? Cats or Dogs? (Guys don’t fight over this these are just opinions!)
  8. Flashthepig

    New Dwarf hamster owner

    Hi I just got a dwarf hamster and i named her daisy!! If there is any tips I should know about or how to tame a hamster I would love to know that!
  9. Flashthepig

    Post pic of your furry bundles of joy!!

    These are mine!
  10. Flashthepig

    Small animal food

    Hi guys! I have a Guinea pig named flash and I am soon going to get a Dwarf hamster and I have 2 things I want to ask you guys, I have been using the Oxbow brand for food and do you think that that brand is good for a hamsters? And also I NEED girl hamster names ASAP!!! Thanks guys!
  11. Flashthepig


    Hi I have about 43 pets total! And I have 4 monkeys aka my brothers!! Haha! I would love to know pet tips and see your pets cute pics! Thank you! I hope that you have the best day!