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  1. CatPerson

    How active are goldfish?

    I feel like anytime I see them in the pet store they are moving around a lot but when I see people who own them, they seem to not be as lively and active. Maybe this has to do with noise and lighting? I am not sure. How active do goldfish tend to be?
  2. CatPerson

    Do you have pet insurance?

    I have never considered getting it until this year. I had to take one of my cats in 3 times to get different testing done. It ended up costing me over $500 and while I was able to pay it just fine, I had to let a few things go (not paying 2 monthly bills). I am thinking of getting pet insurance...
  3. CatPerson

    Collars or Microchips?

    Which do you think is better and why? This applies mostly to cats and dogs but they have also been used on larger reptiles, pet pigs, farm animals, rabbits, and larger birds (anklet).
  4. CatPerson

    Outdoor enclosure ideas?

    Not all cats will take to walking on a harness but I feel they all need to be able to experience fresh air and life outdoors. I am 100% against letting cats free roam. I would never ever do this with my cats. For the ones who don't want to be leash trained, I am looking at investing in an...
  5. CatPerson

    Do you think some cats prefer dogs as company?

    I have a friend who owns 2 cats. One cat is very nice and friendly to the other but the other cat does not seem to like him at all. Both are males. The one that doesn't like the other cat will spend time with my friend's dog though. Even groom him. It is weird to see. Do you think some cats...
  6. CatPerson

    Would a cat bother a hamster?

    A friend of mine needs a place to keep her hamster. She is in the middle of moving and has a lot of other things going on. It would be for 3 to 4 weeks. I don't mind, I love the little creatures, but I am worried that one of if not both of my cats would try going after it. Would this be okay or...
  7. CatPerson

    Is it okay for my cat to eat grass outdoors?

    One of my kitties has a habit of munching down on the grass in the backyard. I am not sure why but I am not sure this is a good idea or not. When I try to get him to stop, he gets mad at me and runs away. Is this something that is okay for a cat to do or should I find a way to break the habit?
  8. CatPerson

    How often do you clean out the litter tray?

    I have always just scooped out the litter tray every other day and dumped it once a week but my friend was saying that I could get away with only dumping it once a month and scooping it the rest of the time to save money on litter. I just feel like that would end up being very messy and stinky...