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  1. Depends with what level of noise you consider "noisy" but generally budgies are not noise makers. They will only make some noise when they need something or are in distress.
  2. Well, like any other pet, you should start slowly. Consider feeding it yourself regularly until it get used to you. When feeding, try touching it. Do this regularly and it will slowly get used to you. About stranger, that depends on the type of pets. Dogs will not be friendly with everyone, it is in their DNA.
  3. Knowing your birds weight is as important as tracking your own weight. Since a pet may not be able to tell you whether it is sick or not. It is important to have regular parameters to check against to ensure your bird is healthy. I would use the normal kitchen weighing scale because its accurate to the grams for the small bird. I would keep track against the proposed weight and size body by experts. You can get this details from a vet.
  4. That is pretty cool indeed. I have never seen that in real life. I wouldn't mind owning such. I'm sure kids will be happy to play with it.
  5. I don't have one. But i would consider the noise level! I wouldn't want to buy a noisy bird. I will also be keen on the feeding complexity. I was told some birds require some complicated feeding program. I would also be keen on the lifespan of the bird. I wouldn't buy a bird that will die so soon.
  6. Sure, any pet can be trained. Just that the processes differ. You cannot apply dog training tricks and tips to birds. But some things remain the same, like rewarding the pet. You need to have some reward system for the actions that the pet does. With time it will learn how to do that action because it will know that it will receive a reward ( it can bee food or petting).
  7. Tillybobs


    Quite interesting. A dream for many (me included) is to ride, not even owning a horse! I would love to get some tips from you. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Then we are in the same boat. I too like talking about animals. My favorite (which everyone seems to have here) is a cat.
  9. We are doing fine. Welcome to the forum Danny. I would also wish to know some DIY dog training tips and tricks. You are in the right place.
  10. Hi Natter, Welcome to the team. I have never had the experience of a guinea pig. I would wish to learn that form you. Looking forward for you insights on guinea pigs.
  11. Tillybobs

    Hi guys

    Thanks y'all for the warm welcome. Sure. Hope to learn a lot from your ideas too. True. I love the experience here. Its peaceful and the discussions are engaging and based on real experience with the pets.
  12. Sometimes i avoid pets that have a short lifespan, because when they die, kids will be devastated and traumatized.
  13. Pictures speak a thousand words. Let us see your dog photos.
  14. This question applies to all pets. How do you feel when people treat a pet like its a child?
  15. I'm not sure if this is is the right sub-forum for this thread. But i would wish to see photos of your pets. Mine: [ATTACH type=full" width="195px]7[/ATTACH] Am the cat type :)
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