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  1. Well good question , I loved the Kubolds from Berserk of Gluttony , the anime as well. You can read about it here. https://www.anime-internet.com/berserk-of-gluttony-best-anime/
  2. Well you can adopt a baby falcon or eagle.
  3. Upon googling it I got to know that they are very easy to tame and not aggressive at all.
  4. I am not pro at all when it comes to snakes , try getting separate cages for different snakes.
  5. The 'Bearded Dragon' can be bought for starters if you're so into reptiles.
  6. I had one pet turtle , the only reptile that I adore.
  7. You should avoid spinach , lettuce, and broccoli as well.
  8. The thing which I've observed in reptiles is that they are not expressive at all and it's hard to determine that through what emotional phase are they going.
  9. Well in my case , it's the opposite. My family loves reptiles but me.
  10. I've seen a python only in a zoo.
  11. I don't like snakes as pets , sorry if I offend someone but that's just me being honest.
  12. If they're getting proper sleep and food , they don't need any mate to go on.
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