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  1. I adore pets , of-course that's why I'm here , but I loved pets in anime as well. I loved Pikachu from the Pokemon series , what about yours?
  2. They meow a lot , on so many occasions , not only to get their guardian's attention.
  3. Stop giving them treats for a day or two , that's how I punish them because I love them. Beating a cat is the most cruel thing to do.
  4. Some of them might be rude but majority of them do love their owners.
  5. One of them went missing , and an hour later here I see him inside of the washing machine.
  6. Believe it or not , I've three Egyptian Mau's , and their mother was a stray who gave kids at my home.
  7. Once I left my door open just to find out later by neighbor that my cat fled away.
  8. Different cats have different nature , what breed is your cat?
  9. I literally love every cat , Sphynx cats are good in their own way and absolutely have no reason to hate them.
  10. Don't put them in water suddenly , take them to bathroom , gently put on some water , don't let them panick.
  11. They love grass , specially lemon grass. It's ok for them to have some of it if clean.
  12. At least thrice a week. It's necessary to maintain their hygiene levels.
  13. I was wondering that what if we have a bird let's suppose that I've an African Grey parrot. I feed him well , I take good care of him. What if I let him out of his cage one day , will he return back? Given that he's released into the open air.
  14. Who was the one to tell you? Ask a vet before giving any kind of medication to it.
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