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  1. I'm sure they can if they're together at a young age, or are brought up together. But a cat and a wild skunk probably shouldn't be in the same area with each other. It's probably best to not ever put the two together. This is not cartoon where the skunk is interested in the cat who's dressed as a skunk. They would probably fight, and if the scent glands for the skunk are ready to go, you're probably going to just skunk yourself out.
  2. What are some of the smallest birds you can adopt as pets? I would love a group of birds to put in a cage together. But, what are the smallest pet birds out there? I figure lovebirds are tiny birds, but are they the smallest birds you can get as pets?
  3. idk, they don't seem to have changed too much. From the image you shared, they do look like they have longer legs and aren't to the ground like bulldogs seem to be today. But their faces look pretty much the same. At least to me.
  4. I think my dogs know the rhythm, because whenever I wake up, they are at me to go for a walk. They know it's time for a walk, and it's cool to see them know this. What sucks is that I hate waking up early to walk them lol. I want more sleep haha! Anyway, do your dogs bug you to go for walks often? Are they on a schedule pretty much?
  5. Yeah, my first thought was also ich, but like you said, it isn't affecting any of the other fish, so it can't be that, as it's highly contagious. I was also thinking of thrush, but idk if that affects fish in such a way. But yeah I think a vet would be able to figure it out. Better safe than sorry too in case it's something worse.
  6. I hear that some rabbits can get pretty big, some so big that they are almost as huge as a medium sized dog. Do rabbits have a certain growth trajectory? Or do they maybe just keep growing?
  7. Elsie


    I have used slipcovers to curb scratching, but it doesn't always work. I can't say I've heard of this company though, but I may have to check it out soon. I'm sure Amazon has a wide selection of options.
  8. Hey guys, do you know of any places where I can get affordable pet insurance? I need to invest in some insurance, as I've been taking more animals in as of late. Any suggestions for affordable kinds?
  9. Ah, that's what those are called. Cool! I wouldn't mind having one or two in a tank. I just wonder how much it would cost to adopt one or two.
  10. When it comes to bearded dragons, how many can you have in one enclosure together? I wouldn't mind getting two bearded dragons, and was wondering if they live fine together? I know I'll have to have a bigger cage/enclosure, but that's to be expected.
  11. Sure you could get a pet Jellyfish. I'm pretty sure there are non-toxic or non-lethal jellyfish out there, but I have no clue on the good and bad ones. I'm sure you could get a tank with various jellyfish. And I think there are even fish you can get that are safe with jellyfish, or can take the tentacles.
  12. Yeah, what Berry said. Depression for one person is going to be different for someone else. So someone may feel more cheerful around pets and animals, others may not want to deal with anything, or may not be a fan of certain animals to begin with. I think having a pet in general helps a lot with depression. It can sometimes bring people back from their problems. But it depends on the person.
  13. I'd imagine parrots are the most social, but to teach them to talk is probably tougher. I think owning a parrot at birth, is the best way to get birds to talk, as training them early on will bring out better results.
  14. Closed is fine if you have one cat, but I wouldn't advise it if you have more than one cat. I would also suggest having a litter box for each cat you own anyway, stops from having to deal with disputes if there's just one box. Open is better, as I've known some cats who would stay in their litter boxes if they're closed.
  15. Yeah, my mom had a pet rat as a kid, she claimed it was one of her favorite pets, even though they kind of live short lives, I hear they're fairly easy to train and are good pets. I don't know if they're for me though.
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