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  1. I just looked into other amphibians as pets, and just found out about the Axolotl. It's also known as the Mexican walking fish. It's like a big salamander you can get as a pet. Has anyone here had a pet like this? Would you add one to your tank?
  2. My first thought was Ich, but if the other fish aren't catching it, it may not be that. I could see it being something fungal, but the other fish should also be affected by it too, as it would probably mean there's some fungal growth in the tank. Or at least I think so. If could still be ich and your fish have been luck, I would still quarantine this one from the rest, just until he is cured of this. I suggest taking your fish to a vet if possible. I don't know what it could be if it isn't ich.
  3. I wouldn't mind adding in some rainbowfish, and was wondering if there is anywhere I can go to get crazy colored rainbowfish? I of course want to add LED lighting all up in the tank, and want to make sure the fish are highlighted more by the lights, therefore I want some really colorful rainbowfish. Any suggestions? Can you get custom bred rainbowfish that are various colors?
  4. I think the idea is awesome. The point of essentially bringing a copy of your previous pet, back, but from birth is quite cool. I would love to bring back some of my past pets, but they aren't the same. Sure they share the same DNA, but that dog is not the same dog you grew up with, played with, and so on. Sure it's him/her in every other feasible way, it's just not the same. It's kind of how I see of artificial intelligence. If we were ever able to put a person's mind, subconscious, etc in a robot for example, that isn't the same person. It's just a copy of the same persons thoughts and feelings. You're not getting the same person you once knew. I digress. The idea is cool, because I know we as people, get sentimental, especially with family and our pets. So bringing a pet back, sounds nice, but you don't know how that pet will act. There's no garauntee that pet will act the same way, bark the same way, like the same things, etc. Even if you train it the same exact way as the pet who passed away. But yeah, I still like the idea, and I probably would clone a pet I cared about.
  5. I heard a story about bulldogs and how they used to look much different 100 or so years ago, compared to the bulldogs of today. I mean, this is what bulldogs used to look like pretty much 100 years ago: And today, they seem to have shorter legs and a more pushed in face. Or maybe I just take the internet too seriously. What do you guys think? Has breeding and crossbreeding ruined the bulldog?
  6. Yes, this right here. Harnesses work in protecting the dog, because standard leashes, you're pulling on a dogs neck if they are running forward on you. And that's not good for many reasons. It comes down to training though. If your dog pulls you, then that means they're taking the lead, and that's never good. Dogs should walk beside or behind you, as you're supposed to be the pack leader. I've watched too much caesar millan dog whisperer lol. But yeah, a dog pulling is no good. It wouldn't matter so much about what kind of leash you use, as if they're trained, they won't run ahead of you. A good trained dog won't pull, even if there is another dog around.
  7. So I know this may be a cliche question, and an odd one lol, but I wanted to ask it. If say, you had to take care of a baby skunk, and you also have a cat. Would it be possible for the two to coexist and not attach each other? I figure if you take in a skunk early on, and tame it enough, it could be possible. What do you guys think?
  8. German Shepherds are wonderful dogs. We had to put a beatiful boy down a few years ago due to cancer, but he lived a long 16 years. I've wanted to get another german shepherd since though, but haven't jumped to it yet sadly. Soon I hope though.
  9. I got an aquarium with some goldfish, and I want to make sure it's cleaned as much as possible. How many snails should you include in a tank with goldfish? I don't want to have to constantly clean the tank, as I hear removing the fish often can be a burden on them.
  10. You can actually litter train rats. I've heard people who have done it. Of course, this doesn't mean they won't defecate on you, they may still do that. Especially if they get spooked for any reason.
  11. I was always under the impression that smaller dogs lived longer than bigger dogs. I'm aware that bigger dogs tend to suffer from more health problems, but do they die a lot faster compared to little dogs? Or is it about the same?
  12. Doesn't look like anchor worm to me. Looks like a tumor, or there's some kind of fluid buildup in there. And you said it wasn't there yesterday? So it can't be a tumor. I've never seen anything like that before.
  13. I don't, but I would love to have a pet gecko, especially a Leopard one. They look so cool and adorable. I've always wanted a pet I could hold in my hand with minimal effort.
  14. Are rabbits known to chew a lot? Like, will they chew stuff like wires? I worry, as rabbits seem like they would chew up a lot of stuff if not trained right. I imagine once they get a taste for wires they may change their mind, but I honestly don't know.
  15. I think Chinchillas are cute, but I don't know how they would be as pets. Has anyone here ever had a Chinchilla as a pet? What are they like? Are they easy to take care of? Would they be considered rodents though?
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