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  1. What is your opinion on cats being the best pets for elderly people? I feel like cats are the best pets for most people, but I digress. I think cats know when someone is down or in pain. I remember years ago, my cat Reya, was chilling with me. I was depressed at the time because of a broken relationship, and she was there, looking at me as I cried, and she jumped up to my face and started to rub her face on mine. She never did that before this moment, so I was so overjoyed when she did it. I think cats know your feelings. Yeah I was crying like a baby, but it was as if she knew I was going to break out crying before I did. So, that's why I see it being one of the best pets for most people, including the elderly.
  2. Animal sanctuaries are awesome! Sadly, it's not easy for them, a lot of them are community funded, or funded on donations and volunteers help. So if you can, donate money or time if you can. Animals out there deserve help, and if we can provide it, we should try.
  3. So, I want to get another pet that likes to climb you. I was thinking a mouse, as I heard they're cute and love to climb on people if trained well. I'm also considering a rat, as I hear they're fun shoulder partners lol. But, I just don't want them to urinate or defecate on me. Is there a way to train them only to use the bathroom when they're in their cages? I wonder if there is a way they can get my attention to put them back in their cage.
  4. Maybe a bearded lizard? Komodo Dragons can grow up to 10ft or more. They also have venomous bites, so they should really only be in zoos and sanctuaries, or with trained professionals. As well, it looks to be illegal to even own one in the US and likely other countries.
  5. When it comes to walking your dog, what do you prefer to use? A harness or a leash? I started using a harness for my dog, and I feel I have better control this way. He already walks by my side, but when he does push forward for any reason, I have more control at stopping him. And I am not choking him, like it would with a leash.
  6. It just means your cat isn't as social. Cats meow for attention. Maybe some cats don't meow, because they don't want the attention, or know of other ways to get your attention.
  7. One thing I've always wanted to do, was clone my pets DNA, so that when they pass, I can have them cloned. It's been possible for a long time now, so I would do it if I could afford it. I think it would also be cool to clone a pet, and name it Lenny 3, or Lenny 10 or something. I think, in a weird way, it gives you more time with that pet, even if that technically isn't the same exact dog I grew up with. But, I don't know how far cloning has come. I know animals have been cloned, but I don't know how cloned animals live, or for how long.
  8. With Christmas fast approaching us, it got me thinking. How many of you here, have gotten a pet as a Christmas gift, or any other holiday gift. I never got a pet on a holiday, but I did get my first dog on my 8th birthday. Was my best birthday ever.
  9. Westie

    Bats as pets?

    Yeah, don't get a bat as a pet. It's not even legal to have one as a pet in the US. They're full of possible diseases, plus you won't know for sure if they have something like rabies, which I wouldn't even take a chance on. Just let them live in their world and get pets that are safe.
  10. I heard they don't live very long either. Which sucks, because they're cute little buggers, and you'd think they could live a little longer as long as they're well taken care of. Yikes! I had no idea. I will certainly keep this in mind if I get a hamster.
  11. So a friend of mine took care of an Eagle years ago. She is someone who takes care of wild animals for our local town. She rehabilitates injured animals to go back into the wild. Last year she had he hands full taking care of a bald eagle. He was a big boi for sure, his wings were as wide as me lol. Anyway, she really enjoyed taking care of him. He actually became very friendly with my friend, and it was tough for them to part when she finally let him go back into the wild. She literally wanted to keep him as a pet, but knew that was not possible.
  12. Well, I like those electronic spinners, that have a toy that spins around. Cats go crazy with those things, as they continue to move. I'm a lazy person, so I often find it hard to keep up with my cats, so a toy would be ideal. So something like this here on amazon.
  13. I want to get a hamster or two, but I don't know how my cats would handle it. Are cats usually good with hamsters? Or would cats tend to play around with them more often? I just worry my cats would kill and eat them. Can you make them friends?
  14. In this situation it's tough to truly say. Technically both you and your neighbor should consider keeping your cats indoors. If this is going to be a continued thing, it would be best to keep your cat in for the time being. Or find out when your neighbor lets his cat out, and maybe let your cat out at a different time, so the two can't get into trouble with each other.
  15. So my sister decided to adopt a 5 year old cat recently. She already has a young cat, who barely comes out as she already has a dog. Thing is, this new cat is chill with her dog, but when she met her other cat, they had a bit of a spat at each other. Now her first cat is in hiding and the other cat seems to be the king of the castle. How do you go about sorting something like this out? How do you make the cats friendly with each other? They're both female, and her dog is male.
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