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  1. Does anyone here have a pet tarantula? I've always been scared of spiders, but for some reason, I always thought tarantulas were cool. But I never jumped at getting one as a pet. Mainly because I am scared of spiders, and I don't know how I'd react holding one in my hands. How are they as pets? Do they get used to you eventually?
  2. Please do let us know how it goes, and what it may be. I hope it's nothing major and is something your vet can cure in no time. Ich would have infected the other fish by now, so I have no clue what it could be.
  3. So it is widely known that when a rottweiler is born, the tail is usually cut down to a nub. The reason why, is because rots are known to get back and hip problems, and their tails can get pretty long. But, my sister had a rot who had a tail, and he survived for 13 years. Is it inhumane for a vet to chop off a new born rot's tail?
  4. I think most dogs do this. My dogs always did this when they got the idea down. So every morning, at the same time, my dogs wake me up and whine until I take them. So yeah, it's become a habit for us.
  5. I'm interested in getting myself a turtle as a pet. What would you guys say, are the best turtles to adopt? I want something that's cool with being held by me. Nothing that bites of course, but I suppose if I don't get him/her at birth, they may bite me. So I at least want to get a turtle near the time it's born, if possible. Any suggestions?
  6. Yeah, I heard that bulldogs looked a lot different 100s of years ago. I could easily see them doing too much cross-breeding with other dogs. These days some bulldogs have problems with their mouths, or so I've heard. Like their jaws aren't shaped right it seems, at least to me.
  7. Out of these two pets, which one is the smarter of the two? I figure hamsters, just because they seem to be less lazy, while gerbils always lounge around it seems. What are your thoughts on this?
  8. Probably a finch or a canary. I had a couple canaries when I was a kid, and I remember going on vacation with my parents, and then coming home to no birds. It was weird. But yeah, I remember having canaries for a brief time, and they were awesome. I loved when they chirped their songs. I've always wanted a finch though.
  9. h0rsey91

    A pet donkey

    Would you ever adopt a donkey? I have horses and love them dearly, but have always had a fondness for donkeys. I always thought they were cute, and they can carry people. I don't know if I would ever adopt a donkey, but I think it'd be cool to have one in the family. What about you?
  10. Have you tried training your cats not to scratch your furniture? I understand wanting to protect your furniture and get these pricey things to stop it, but with training, you could stop the behaviour outright, and probably for a lot cheaper. Another way is to provide them with something they can scratch, like a scratch post, or something that would replace the furniture. But I say cutting the habit out, will work a lot better.
  11. So I am aware rats aren't very popular pets, but, they do make for good pets with the right owners. It takes a bit to train rats, but, I actually had a couple rats when I was a teen. Their names were Jetson and Mork. I tried to train them, but never got them to do a whole lot. They're really nice pets though, as they like to cuddle and chill with their owners. Yeah they may seem gross to a lot, but they're actually quite clean.
  12. Depression is a major thing that runs through my family. I find having pets has helped me through a lot in my life. Without pets, I probably would be stuck a lot of the times. But the compassion and love animals give, has helped me recover a lot in my life. With that being said, are hamsters good pets for depression?
  13. Aww, that's cool of her. I wish I was capable of handling wild animals. I can handle horses and other smaller animals, but anything brought up in the wild, no thanks. I'm glad there are people like her out there who are helping protect and rehabilitate animals like that.
  14. Yeah, as long as they're not in there for hours on end, or even a day or longer, it should be fine. I too used kennels when my dogs were younger, as they were known to pee around the house, and we had to curb that right away. But other than that, we only used kennels if we were are a friends house and had to bring our dogs along.
  15. Yeah, you're going to need a fairly big aquarium. Well, you can get smaller sized squid and octopuses. I think a squid would be cooler to have as a pet myself. I hear you could get a Caribbean reef octopus, which can live in a 50-75 gallon aquarium. But for squids and some other octopuses, you will probably want a lot bigger aquarium.
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