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  1. Please suggest some nice names for dogs. Both male and female. I thought of Rex, Bosco, Poppey
  2. I know it is not always a smooth ride. You must be experiencing some challenges. What challenges have you faced recently with your pet?
  3. I have two at the moment Cats and a Dog. From what I have learnt in this forum, in the short period I have been around, I'm considering adding one. Am still split between a hamster and a reptile!
  4. Someone told me that cabbages are not good for snakes? Does this apply to other reptiles? What other foods are not good for snakes?
  5. I was shocked to learn that Hamsters are shortsighted. I am yet to prove that, but it puzzled me. Have you discovered anything strange?
  6. There we go. And just getting started. I have several :) [ATTACH type=full]8[/ATTACH]
  7. There must be something it is missing. Either companion cats or their diet is deficient in some minerals. Consider adding a formula to its food, a formula that will have all vitamins and proteins. If it is an old cat, then its past records will explain why it is becoming savage. Maybe it was savage in its previous life.
  8. How many cats do you have? How many cats do you consider as too many? Are contraceptives recommended for cats?
  9. Does your country allow you to keep reptiles? Especially snakes. How easy/complicated is it to get licensed to keep a reptile?
  10. Just wondering whether dogs are allowed in malls where you live?
  11. I love reptiles, and wouldn't mind having one as a pet. But how do you handle family members who get cold shivers anytime they see a reptile. I would love to buy myself a Gopher Snake, but the community around me fear snakes and consider them bad omen. How can you change people's mindset?
  12. How do you handle a dog that barks so much at night?
  13. AnimalLover


    Hello Chloe, Welcome to the forum. Hoping to learn from you about horses. Been thinking about it lately. I wouldn't mind having one!
  14. True. But what should worry you most is managing their reproductivity. As in, how fast or how often they lay eggs. Fish have the ability to only grow as big as the tank will allow. But on reproduction, you must have a strategy to control it.
  15. It entirely depends on your definition of "long time". How long is long. The longest a dog has ever lived is about 29years. You need to specify the number of years you would wish your dog to live. Plus, the size of the dog doesn't define how long it would live. Just like human beings, it all depends on the lifestyle. Right from how you feed him/her to how you take care of its psychological needs. If all factors are held constant, some of the dogs breeds that i have witnessed that have lived for long were Cockapoo (16 years), Jack Rusell Terrier(15 yrs), and maybe Chihuahua (about 17 years).
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