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  1. Have you ever had to give up a pet to a new owner due to having to move into an apartment (that doesn't allow pets), or in case of other reasons? Back in college I had lived with a few friends, we were allowed pets at this location, so we thought we'd be good there until we got good jobs. Eventually, we all ended to move out to other locations, and the location I could afford at the time, didn't allow for pets. I had a three year old cat named Yana, who was my life for the longest. Sadly I couldn't find someone to take her in for a short period of time until I got my life in order. I had to adopt her out to a new family. It sucked, but I was able to find her a home with a younger girl who had a heart condition. At least she made a child happy. I get updates from them about her every Christmas. Usually a Christmas card with the family and Yana. It makes me happy, because I know she's taken care of, and is making a family very happy. I probably could have tried asking for her back, but I wouldn't dare rip her from the arms of that child. As much as it hurts me to see someone else getting to cuddle with her, I'm happy, as I know all is good. I have other pets to care for too, so I can't focus on it anymore. Either way, she's still part of my family. And I will never forget her. Did you ever have to go through something like this?
  2. I would love to have an aquarium with a few sharks, but the real ones. I am aware there are some smaller fish classified as sharks, but I want real deal sharks, like the ones in Jaws. I know, not going to happen, but are there any smaller sharks that come close to that look?
  3. One thing I find people don't really do, is walk their cat. I know some people who do it, but it seems to be something people don't like to do much. Do you take your cats out for walks? If so, do they like it? If not, why not? I think cats love to go for walks if given the chance. And it's a good option if you don't want your cat to be an outside cat.
  4. I used to cage my dogs when I first became a dog parent. Thankfully I no long put my dogs in any cages. Do you ever put your dogs in a cage? Maybe a small kennel or something along those lines. i used to, but we stopped because I felt like it wasn't really needed. It was more for potty training means, and I think it worked for the most part. Do you think having a kennel or dog cage is fine? I wouldn't put a dog in one for too long though.
  5. As long as you have trained your rabbit well enough, he/she should be able to handle living with a dog. It probably would be best to pair them up with each other at a young age, so that they're used to each other.
  6. What are some really rare tropical fish that you can actually get as a pet? I love the idea of having an aquarium for tropical fish, and would love to include some rare ones if possible. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  7. Looks like there's already a topic similar to this here: https://petnatter.com/threads/do-gerbils-get-along-with-hamsters.110/ But I'll asnwer it here. It's probably not a good idea to put two species of animals together, even if they're close in look and all that. I wouldn't put gerbils with hamsters, because you don't know how they'll react with each other. If anything, you could be putting two animals together that might fight and kill each other. I can see maybe them getting along at birth if they're set up together around that time, but if you just put them in a cage together without them being socialized with each other, it probably will not work. But that's my opinion on the matter. I might be totally wrong.
  8. You should never punish your cat. For one, they don't know what they're doing is wrong. Like Pumpkin said above, your cat doesn't know that clawing your furniture is wrong. So berating them because of it is not helpful in any way. If a cat is not stopping with the furniture for example, buy a scratching post, maybe place it near the problem furniture. As well, if your cat does a pee or a poo for example, don't ever put their noses in it, because, they don't have a clue what they're doing is wrong, and it could in turn cause an infection in your cats eyes, nose, mouse, etc. Pets need training to not do these sorts of things. If they don't get any training, and they do all of this, it's your fault as a pet owner. You yelling or being forceful doesn't teach the cat anything, it just scares them.
  9. Yeah it's like a way to catch your attention. I think dogs even have their own type of bark geared towards humans. But with cats, they're a lot smarter, in that they meow for your attention. And that's the only purpose of them meowing, to key you in on important things. it may be because the cat is hurting, is hungry or wants your attention. I believe other pets have ways of communicating their needs to humans to the extent they don't do it in the wild towards other animals.
  10. Well no, rabbits aren't the same species as rodents, they're part of the Leporidae family of mammals. Rodents are part of the Rodentia classification, so a bit different from one another for sure.
  11. The current fish may be socialized with other fish, so including at least one or two more should be helpful. Of course, she can keep the fish all by him/herself, but it may give the fish more life to include some friends.
  12. Years ago, before we got pets, my dad found an abandoned dog on the street. He was a cute little guy, but wasn't trained at all. At the point too, he was fairly old, and likely had no training at all. We tried to take care of him, train him, but it didn't help. We decided to give him to a friend, who had more time and could train at risk dogs no problem. That dog survived and thrived with the new owner. He lived another 6 years before he passed. We got to see him a few times after we gave him up, and he was all cheerful and happy. Was happy our friend took such good care of him. Have you ever had to give a pet away?
  13. So this is weird, but my parents house has a field mice problem. They keep getting in under their sink and their cat keeps catching them. The other week my dad was able to catch one, and he admitted, they're cute little buggers. Instead of the cat killing them, or us tossing them outside, I was thinking I could get them a small tank and they can put the mice in there. Has anyone here ever had field mice as pets? Can they be trained? I know they're wild animals, so I have to be safe when touching them.
  14. I was thinking, it would be cool to have a tank with a few big goldfish. Do any exist that get bigger in size? And is it safe to have these bigger goldfish in with standard sized goldfish? I just want to make sure they can all coexist with each other.
  15. It's a given that when you get a hamster, you want to include the usual stuff in your cage. The big one is the hamster wheel. Those big boys need to workout from time to time. But, what is best? A plastic wheel or a metal one? I figure a metal one could cause more damage if another hamster is near it. But a plastic one might degrade and break a lot faster. What would you suggest?
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