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  1. How long do goldfish usually live for? I hear they could potentially live up to 10 - 15 years. Is this actually true? I imagine they would need to be properly taken care of for a long time. I also hear they can live for up to 20 years even. This was the article I found these details - Tankarium
  2. I saw someone mentioned what they do when a pet dies, and I noticed they mentioned stuffing a pet after death. Has anyone here ever done that with their deceased pets? I have considered the option when my first dog died, but I found the best thing, was to get a customized painting of him done instead. I prefer burying or cremating my pets over anything else. And I remember them by having customized portraits made of them. Do you guys do anything like that?
  3. I hate whenever an animal is abused by a bad pet owner. It seems to happen to much. Just look at social media about the abandoned dogs and cats all over the place. I don't get why people have to be so awful when it comes to owning a pet. If you'd train your pets better, there wouldn't be problems. But they don't seem to grasp that idea. How do you deal with abusive pet owners? Do you report them? I surely do when I see it happening.
  4. I'm sure you could go that route. I mean, they will eventually become frogs, so it's either that, or getting them when they change into frogs. I imagine it's different in terms of care for a while, but it shouldn't be hard to handle by any means. To answer your question, no I have never purchased frogs in the tadpole stage. But I'm sure you could.
  5. Eh I don't really know if that's a good idea to have a bat as a pet. I suppose it's possible if you raised it at birth, but bringing in a wild bat as a pet, is not a good idea. Here's a good idea, never go for animals that are raised in the wild, because they're not going to be easy to teach and tame. So it's best not to even bother with wild animals like this.
  6. Oh goodness, that's a good question. I honestly don't know how much I've spend on my pets, never really thought much about it until now. I suppose it's well over $1000 a year, likely a lot more. I have a lot of pets and have to buy a lot of food. That also doesn't account for the vet bills and other expenses. But this is in regards to pet food cost.
  7. Yeah, it depends on the pet, because it's not always wise to let some pets outside, as they may not be able to defend themselves from predators. As well, most animals that live indoors will be confused if you bring them outside. My cat years ago, who was never an outside cat, I would bring him outside, and he would flip out at the slightest loud sound and run back for the door.
  8. Yeah, maine coons tend to get pretty big. I had a maine coon that was maybe 40lbs at one point. He was a hefty boy, that's for sure.
  9. I imagine if I ever had a pet squid or octopus, it would require I have a pretty big aquarium. But, how big of an aquarium would I need? I imagine with an octopus it'd have to be a very big one, but what about a squid? Aren't some kind of small?
  10. Do you have any neighbors who hate on your pets? Maybe they yell and complain about the barking, or maybe they hate that your dog may have gotten on their lawn. Have you ever had to deal with an unruly neighbor?
  11. Well, I hear they live longer because they don't age as fast as bigger dogs to, as well, they are at lower risk of cancers because of how much slower they age. So yeah, they do tend to live a bit longer.
  12. Usually rabbits are pretty good about chewing if trained right. But as babies, they will chew up a lot. And like Berry said, if they start to chew their cage or other items, it's probably time to make a vet appointment.
  13. If it was a pet that was the same size or bigger than a cat, it would be fine, but with hamsters, probably not. Cats may be nice to them, but they may eventually attack them. So it's best to keep cats and hamsters apart. The only way I'd see it being fine, is if you have control of the situation and don't let your cat attack. But, it's probably just best to not have them near each other.
  14. Yeah, to my understanding, you're supposed to keep them separate rooms from each other. Having them in the same room isn't good, as one of them could lash out and attack. Move your new cat wherever you want, but make sure your current cat is in a room he/she is comfortable in. Eventually, they may start to get used to each other. It can take time though.
  15. Yeah, those electronic spinners work wonders. Cats love them big time! Sadly, they seem to break easily, or mess up easier. But, there are other cat toys similar to it, made with better build quality. Anything that gets your cats moving, should be a good option.
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