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  1. ok, great. I'm so proud of my 10 year old for researching and asking all these questions. One more for now on food, I saw in small print on the forum you posted that those GA were for hamsters over 6 months. Ours is 1.5-2 mo. What does she need more or less of? And I never did say - she's a Syrian.
  2. And just so I can verify with my 10 year old - that's one moderate item per week, not one of each moderate item, right? Banana or Apple, not banana AND apple?
  3. Do you have a quick link to a breakdown of the nutrients a hamster needs?
  4. In the literature we just got with our new hamster, they starred the foods that should be given less frequently. We can't tell if the star goes with the apples or bananas. Also, since there are sooooo many hamster treats on the market, what are the good, bad and ugly? Bonus if the treats are also good for guinea pigs!
  5. I’m in the US. I use Chewy or Amazon, only one small store nearby.
  6. They aren't marketed for hamsters, so I want to make sure they aren't dusted or anything added with them.
  7. I've always read as much as they will eat in 15 minutes or so. We just brought 2 goldfish in from outside - they were kept in our rain barrow to keep the mosquito larvae down. The valve broke, so the fish had to come in.
  8. We have dogs, cat, hamster, guinea pig, tortoise, goldfish. We used to have a gecko. We've never done birds, and probably never will. I had a rabbit once, and hermit crabs. We've raised frogs, butterflies, trilobites, and sea monkeys, if those count!
  9. We just got a Syrian labeled Silky Fancy. Her hair isn't as long as the one in the picture (at least not yet) but it isn't short either.
  10. Is a dust or sand bath really necessary for hamsters? How big of a container would it need to have for a Syrian hamster?
  11. I usually buy Care Fresh paper bedding, but this time I notice a large amount of what looks like pieces of cotton in it. Is this normal, and I just got a batch with more then normal and usually get them with less then normal? The Care word on the packaging was also not there, so maybe it's an old package/new package off of Chewy's shelves?
  12. Emmalope


    We just ordered a Niteangel wheel. It has great reviews on Amazon. I like the look of the natural things, and they don't seem to be overly costly.
  13. So many questions! I'll find the right thread. Yes, I know, we only have 1 guinea pig. He's 3. Now the pet store where we got him will only sell them in pairs unless you already have some. We are looking to revamp it all in the new year.
  14. I found this forum while looking for info on hamsters. My daughter just got one, and some things have changed since I had one in the 80's. We also have a guinea pig, russian tort, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 goldfish. We live in southern PA
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