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  1. ? pictures of my hammy with those hats are only for our own pleasure, as long as they don't suffer or struggle, so I use those freezing moments where she sits very still ready with a camera to go and I just pop the hat onto her head...
  2. In case anybody gets back to reading this thread: my hammy does all that too, and in her case, it's just part of her grooming process; and rubbing her sides on surfaces is her releasing scent off her glands (located on the hind sides) so that she marks her own scent on that area (although when she goes back to that same spot, it's like she doesn't recognise her own scent, sniffs it strangely and does it all again every time...)... her fur is shiny and she has no mites... I like the thought that she is showing her grooming behaviour as she is more comfortable around me, Berry! ?
  3. oh what a great idea, to make small bridges out of popsicle sticks! very crafty stuff! I have only made hats for my hammy (a xmas one and a birthday one) :LOL:
  4. Emi

    Bedding query

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry I didn't see your reply before. The clinic is known to treat exotic animals (incl. hamsters). I think the vet was right in assessing her and not concluding a broken bone. (mums always fear the worst I guess...). I moved her into a small cage just for a day and one night, it had about 13cm height in bedding, she adapted well and I think it was good, I saw a small improvement then. I put her back in her home again and just closed access to other levels and removed obstacles and bridges. I didn't remove any bedding at the end (she has between 8 and 18 cms of it across the basement of her home, the higher part, she has made a few burrows, so I left these as they were and didn't clean up (it's not dirty anyway) as fresh bedding are fluffier to walk on. I just cleaned the specific areas where she poops, which is all near her bed. I did switch to arnica at the end, as the manufacturer of this one told me it was safe for small animals too. It's arnica specific for pets. I am happy to report that after a week she is almost fully recovered now, I am happy that it was not a broken bone, perhaps a muscle sprain. This morning I woke up to check on her as I heard her little foosteps (she stomps like a mini-elephant), she was waiting for me, climbed on my hand and went out to explore and play, and she was very active (still not as fast as before) for anyone else watching her, they wouldn't see anything wrong, but I know her pontential and she is not 100% at it yet. She played outside on flat surfaces and her pen outside for almost 3 hours, as she refused to get back to sleep, when putting her back in her home she would begin climbing the frame up, twice (and 'that' she was not doing before) so I opened the access to other levels now, and put her flying saucer back in but not the wheels. In the last try to put her back to her home, she ran on the saucer for a couple of few minutes, stashed some fruits and seeds in her pouch, drank her water and went to bed, that's her usual routine before she goes to sleep, so I am happy that she is back at it. I think I will remove the flying saucer again for another couple of days, allowing her to run on it only in the mornings. I am a happy and a very relieved hammy mum :)
  5. Hello, My Pedrita got injured :( not sure how, where or why. I feel sick to my stomach with guilt since I'm responsible for her. In any case, I took her to the vet and the vet prescribed a painkiller but didn't advise me for anything else rather than taking the wheels out of her cage. She has improved a little with the painkiller, she never stopped eating and drinking well, so at that she is fine. Just her movements are slower, no speed running or leaping off like a kamikaze jet pilot... her fur is shiny and she is chubby as always. However, I have been doing some research, since the reason for her injury or whatever that is that she has made me look everywhere for reasons of her moving the way she does etc. I suspect a fracture maybe, but she is not limping. I mentioned that to the vet and she only prescribed a painkiller which is okay, but I did ask if her energy doesn't improve shouldn't we get an x-ray and she told me that it requires my hammy to be put to sleep with anaesthetics for an x-ray. Besides, even if we find a fracture, the vet didn't say anything about immobilising the leg or anything like that... and I know that is a hard thing to do without causing great stress on my little friend (during the process I suppose she will be sleeping but having to endure a bandage, i wonder if it would even hold. Anyway... I decided based on research online to move her to smaller cage to restrict her movements so that she doesn't make the injury worse. I will be avoiding handling her too :'( And my question is, do you think it would be good if I remove the bedding as well... she loves her bedding although she sleeps in a coconut. Would she be okay without her bedding for a week or perhaps just a bit like 1cm so that she doesn't exert herself walking around on the bedding and with burrowing? Also, does anyone know if arnica can be given to hamsters? If so, by my calculations of those given to cats, I should give 1/5 of a drop per day or so. But I was wondering if arnica is okay for hamsters, that's all. Thanks guys! Any sharing of your own experiences and insights will be much appreciated!
  6. Emi

    Hammy questions

    Thank you Tumbleweed, I'm adding more levels just as I type ^^
  7. Emi

    Hammy questions

    Thank you Berry, once again!! Much appreciated!... Great tips! I was throwing everything away every week ^^ And yes, she pees already in her sand bath... I was playing with her the other day and could read her that she needed to pee, so I put her back in her cage near her sand bath and she went straight in for a pee :giggle: I'm a proud Hammy mum!
  8. Emi

    Hammy questions

    :cry: poor Pebbles! Omg so much bedding! Ok, I will work on that but how often do I clean it, I will need a lot of bedding per month. I clean her cage (the poop trays), her sleeping hut and wash her dishes every day and a proper change of everything every week i.e. sand, bedding, fresh blanket. Good idea about the plexiglass, I may add sheets all around so that would solve the biting the cage issue. I will aim for a larger cage as soon as I can then. I would never take your advice as rude! You're helping me understand my pet better and I am really grateful. Yes, I don't leave her on her pen unattended, I use it only when I'm playing with her... I use the bathtub too sometimes :D I'll go add more bedding now... I hope I'll be able to find her :giggle: Thank you very much!!
  9. Emi

    Hammy questions

    Thank you very much for your reply! She is in a 12,800 cubic inch cage (those measurements were in cms). I think as I play with her when she wakes up and let her roam around she feels imprisoned when I put her back in that cage. I will aim to get an aquarium in the near future for her (sadly right now I can't afford another larger cage nor I have the space). I place about 1 inch of bedding at the bottom but I don't see her in there much for some reason... when I clean it I see that there are some food and dropping on that level, it's where she has a larger wheel and dark corners, poop corner, I got her some hay too but I don't think she is bothered about it... and she has a little ladder, a hanging chewing thing (untouched as far as I can see) and some other chew toys. Maybe 1 inch of bedding is not enough? I used to have the cage on a shelf on the wall so the back and sides were covered and only the front allowed view to the outer world, now I placed the cage on an ottoman :D in the living room so she has a larger view of the world... does it matter? (I was experimenting to see if she would stop chewing). Here are some pictures. I removed the cage from the ottoman so I could use the ottoman for her to play inside while she was awake... :D such a spoilt thing... she has a huge pen but learned to escape from it so I can't use it anymore unless I'm in there with her playing...
  10. Emi

    Hi fellow chatters!

    They are so cute i want to diiie! OMG roborovskis are soooo cute!! yes... that one is Pebbles Houdi.. she has escaped many times now... I have to up my game on the guarding front... Roborovskis would be even harder to find if escaped I bet...
  11. At one point we had pet frogs (one of my brothers), a dog, a cat, fishes in a pond, a pig, 3 hamsters, 4 canaries, 2 parakeets, 2 tortoises :D... the family still has the turtoises. Ah, and I had a rat too (a tiny lab rat that grew up so big my mom couldn't even look at it).
  12. Hi, I haven't read the whole article but you may find something useful here: https://completegoldfishcare.com/goldfish-diseases/white-spot-disease-ich-treatment/. There is a treatment with salt and another with medication. Good luck!
  13. Pebbles Houdi sleeps a lot! She wakes up at 11:30pm and it is when I manage to be playing with her for a few hours. It is ok now that I am off for the holidays, so I go to bed at 1am... so her playtime with me is limited to 1 and half hours :( . When I wake up she is sleeping (8:30am). When I leave her in the cage, she bites the metal bars... I know that that is not good. Her cage is relatively big (77x44x58) and she has lots of toys, including chew toys, and places to hide and play: a swing, a banana case, a hut, a couple of paper tubes, a see-saw, 2 wheels, lots of shredded paper (carefresh) and hay, 3 toilet sand corners, all over 2 floors and a mezanine, and her bed is a coconut hut with a tiny blanket (great life-style in my view)... but when I leave her she looks at me as if saying: 'how dare you?'... ofc, that is my conscience... she then goes to climbing around the cage frame and then biting a corner... trying to escape... Questions: Is she okay with it that amount of playtime? Is it normal to sleep that much? What do I do to stop her from biting and climbing on the metal frame? (I tried to put things on the corners to make access difficult but she manages to put stuff away so she can chew the frame). Answers to any of the above would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  14. I am looking forward to learning more about pets' behaviours and lives from real pet owners. I am new on here and on my second week of having a gorgeous little hammy, called Pebbles Houdi (an innate escape artist), as my companion (for a few hours every evening I must say, as it sleeps a lot...). Anyway, happy to be here with you guys!
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