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  1. Cats don't kill for food unless they are hungry or they just plain don't like their diet. I would make sure he is on a wet food diet and try feeding him different meats like duck, quail, rabbit, and the like.
  2. I think it depends on the cats. Some cats won't bat an eye if their owner just didn't come home one day. Others will actually get depressed and heartbroken. I had a cat who passed away a few years ago that had terrible separation anxiety. If I was gone from the house for longer than an hour, he would cry non-stop.
  3. In most cases, what we find to be "wrong" is not wrong for a cat. Punishing a cat for acting out his instincts is not a good idea. Like if you cat enjoys scratching your furniture, he won't understand why you are punishing him. Or if he likes to jump on the table. You have to train them but also provide areas for them to live out their cat lives.
  4. Meowing is a learned vocalization. They learn by meowing, they get rewarded with attention or food. Cats who are not around humans will not meow. They will hiss, purr, bellow, and growl but never meow.
  5. I had a cat years ago that thought he was a dog. He would play fetch, walk on a leach, sit, give his paw, everything! One day he got out the house by mistake and actually chased a dog that was 4 times his size out of the yard and I kid you not, it sounded like he was barking at it!
  6. This is one of the hardest things to treat for cats because it can be purely down to stress and a cat won't tell you why he is upset! I have read that apple cider vinegar helps a lot but most cats will not take this. Some will fight it because vinegar is bitter. You can also try MSM or cranberry juice or powder (no sugar added).
  7. Yes, several over the years. The first cat I adopted was as a child. He just showed up only my porch looking for food one morning when I was going to school. He stuck around and after a few weeks, my mother let me keep him.
  8. I never thought to do this myself but the question popped into my head when I saw someone keeping mice with gerbils. Mice aren't as common to keep as pets as hamsters or gerbils but now I am wondering if they can be kept together.
  9. I think 20 gallons is always a safe size. Some pets stores try to sell you on 10 gallon tanks and that is just too small. Most will appreciate more room so anywhere between a 20 gallon and 50 gallon really would be good. If you do go bigger, he can have a friend or two.
  10. It depends on the hamster really. Some like to climb and some don't. There are also types of hamsters like the Siberian dwarf that are more about exploration than anything.
  11. I wouldn't have the patience for something like this. It would take forever to clean and you would have to do it several times a week. I would much rather stick with a large cage and use a ball for them to roam around in.
  12. I have always wondered this. They say to never mix reds with blues or anything of the sort because they will go after each other. I have seen some people on Youtube that house them together though but the tanks seem to be HUGE. What is the main reason different species of shrimp cant be kept together?
  13. They can be great pets, for the right person. The issue with crabs though is that you will need to keep them in bunches as they are social and they require a tank that has to have land outside of the water for them to roam on so keeping them in a tank with fish is not a good idea.
  14. Overall, I always recommend mystery snails. Most other snails will end up populating a tank rather quickly, even if they are by themselves. Mystery snails lay their eggs above the water so you can easily control this and keep your tank from being filled with them.
  15. Angelfish are considered a harder fish to care for and are for more experience tank keepers. You go by their hardiness and the overall requirements they need in the tank to judge what would be good for a starter tank. Guppies are great options because you can get tons of different kinds and they will get along just fine with each other. They will breed like bunnies though so you need something to keep that under control in the tank such as snails or shrimps that will eat the babies.
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