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  1. That's an interesting question! I'm not sure of the factual definition, but I've always thought of tropical fish as any that need a heater. i.e. warm water fish.
  2. Hi @JPacker - the type of light (LED) won't do any harm to the fish at all, so the only question really is how much light you're going to have and how long you're going to leave them on for. As long as your fish have some shaded places to hide - e.g. behind plants - if they want to, and as long as you turn the lights off at night so your fish can rest, then you should be absolutely fine!
  3. Hi everyone - could you help me out with some advice on what to feed hamsters please? I'm interested to know what they eat, whether they just eat one thing all the time, or whether you should feed them lots of different foods? Thanks!
  4. Hi Pet Natterers! :cool: Do you have any recommendations for toys to buy a cat? Do you find that your cat still plays with toys even when they're older? I'm thinking of getting Garfield a Christmas present or two!! Thanks
  5. In terms of fish that do mix well, I'd recommend Guppies, Mollies and Neon Tetras. I only have guppies at the moment, but those three have worked well in a tank for me before.
  6. I've got one pet cat - no prizes for guessing his name!! - and one fish tank of guppies. The guppies breed like crazy, but luckily it's a big tank!! Garfield loves looking at them swimming around with their colourful tails. Though he might view them more as a potential snack than as pets!
  7. Hi Pet Natterers! Pleased to join the forum. I actually quite like that it's new. It'll be nice when there are a few more people, but it's fun to be one of the first. Looking forward to seeing how it develops!
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