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  2. Can or will your adorable bird bite you? It sure can. Why would they though you might ask yourself. Well your bird might be the territorial type and may bite you or anyone that they feel is in their territory. The way to stop that is by training your bird. Another more common reason why your bird might bite you is that they’re feeling stressed out. Birds do get stressed out. A tell tell sign besides biting you is if you see them plucking out their feathers. If you just brought a new bird home for the first time it will most likely be afraid of you and may bite you out of fear. Especially if it hasn’t had interaction with humans. If that’s the case try and let your new bird get adjusted to you and it’s new surroundings. Don’t start trying to handle it right away. Remember to take it easy with your new bird. Put it in a calm environment at first and slowly start to handle it.
  3. Lemon grass is the definitely the way to go for cats. If you let them outside you really have no control of them and they’ll probably eat grass.
  4. Both make great pets. I always liked the African Dwarf Frog.
  5. Opossums don't "play dead." When frightened, they become overexcited and pass out.
  6. That’s sounds real cool but like the other posters stated. Having to track down where your hamster went to the bathroom will be challenging assuming that it would go to the bathroom in the tunnel.
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  8. I was always told that cats aren’t made to be bathed. Especially short haired cats. Long haired cats I’m not too sure of.
  9. “Squid Game” was the first series in which producer Hwang Dong-hyuk worked with an international entertainment company like Netflix. Dong-hyuk had actually been working on the script since 2008. At the time, he had a family and was extremely broke and in debt just like the contestants on the show.
  10. It all depends on the type of rabbit. The Flemish rabbit I believe are one of the largest rabbits that people keep as pets.
  11. That’s their problem lol. I don’t know what else to say.
  12. I like both large and small dogs obviously but given the choice I’d always go with a larger dog.
  13. Growing up we had a cat that died at the age of 16. Fortunately most cats tend to live long.
  14. I don’t know about you guys but I often wonder what types of insects are great to keep as pets so I searched the net and found out. Most insect websites mention the following. Some are more difficult to keep and some are much more interesting to watch. Here are the insects that make great pets. Obviously some of us might not agree with some of these listed. Stick bugs Millipedes Cockaroaches Scorpions Crickets Rhinoceros Beetles Butterflies Praying Mantis Tarantulas Wood Lice Ground Beetles Culturing Springtails
  15. On average, people in India spend 10 hours and 42 minutes a week reading, the most time of any country on Earth.
  16. Some of you may have noticed that when you click on notifications you’ll get an error message. I’m on it and should have it resolved later today when I’m back from work.
  17. We all love our pooches but at times they do certain things that we may find disgusting like for example eating their poop. My German Shepherd Lexi has a bad habit of eating my other dogs poop. She’s been checked at the vet thoroughly and I was told she has a clean bill of health. She eats real good food so nutrition isn’t a problem. My vet says since she was a rescue from a hoarding situation food might of been rare so she picked up the habit of eating poop. I’ve tried adding hot sauce, bitter apple and what not but that’s no detergent for her lol. The best way obviously is to pick up the poop from our yard but at times we’ll miss a couple of chunks and she obviously finds it. If any of you had a dog that ate poop and were able to correct do let me know. I’m probably going to be calling a trainer to give me some tips but obviously I’d like to avoid spending the money. Do share your advice on here. Thanks!
  18. I’d like to let you all know that I’m going to be adding a couple of new features within two weeks. I’m going to be adding blogs and photo galleries for you to use.
  19. I’d hardly consider a horse a pet but I was curious do any of you have horses? If you do tell us about them and share some photos!
  20. Despite the optical illusion, the Gateway Arch is exactly as wide (630 feet) as it is tall.
  21. When dogs kick backward after they go to the bathroom it’s not to cover it up, but to mark their territory, using the scent glands in their feet.
  22. That’s some great info Berry and thanks for sharing. I had clue that plastic tunnels are discouraged. You learn something new everyday.
  23. Best way is by far a large cage with a lot of natural enrichment and room for foraging, exploring, and places to hide. Since hamsters are prey animals they do better in crowded enclosures, though not too crowded to the point they can't walk. Plastic tunnels are typically discouraged against due to their awful ventilation, difficulty to clean, and dangerous size for Syrian hamsters and some large dwarfs. To achieve a nice cage, a common thing is bins, though often these can be too small for most Syrian hamsters and even some dwarfs. The most common bin being the 200qt/50gal storage bin or a christmas tree bin. With the 50gal bin you can achieve around 600sqin of floorspace and a decent amount of bedding, though again I'd really only recommend using bins for some dwarfs. Another common option is tanks/aquariums. Which can work very nicely depending on the size. One of the common sizes being a 75 gallon(48"x18"x21") tank, which gives 864sqin of floorspace which can work a lot better for hamsters. However some hamsters still need more space so it's up to see what you can achieve. The next common thing I'd say is making a DIY. There are loads of ways How you enrich the enclosure is important as well. Having deep bedding is vital as hamsters are burrowing animals and not providing enough bedding for them to burrow would be stripping them of their natural needs. Most dwarf species typically need around 8" or so, and syrians around 10" or so for a large part of their enclosure. This can be increasingly more difficult to do for smaller cages, especially ones like "crittertrails." You also want enough floorspace in order to fit the proper enrichment items. With a tiny cage you can't fit things such as a lot of hides, tunnels (large for syrians), cork logs, grapevine branches, etc. How you enrich your enclosure is up to your hamsters needs but it's really easy to enrich it in such a nice way (for both your hamster and looking at the enclosure :p) with natural items~ So overall, just whatever large enclosure you have at your expense I'd think is the best way to house a hamster. Currently I've just used the largest storage bins I can find and enriched them the best way I could (for dwarfs), but in the future I hope for my own personal DIY cage that will allow me the space I want.
  24. For those that don’t know what catnip is. Catnip is a minty, lemony herb that appeals to almost all members of the cat family, including lions, tigers and panthers. It’s a member of the mint family. Some of you have probably heard that catnip is like weed for cats which is 100% false. Read more When I had cats I always gave them catnip. They went crazy for it. Quite a few scratching posts come with catnip on them to try and get your cat to use the post. Do you give yours cats catnip?
  25. I’m guessing you’re allowed to keep certain reptiles as pets in most countries. In some countries I’m pretty sure you can keep whatever you want lol.
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